2020 April 26th – The 42nd day of quarantine in Lithuania (universally mandatory quarantine was announced on 16 March 2020 in the country).

On this occasion, several marathon lovers (Egidijus Janiška – author of the idea, number magician and project initiator, Gintaras Pupininkas (Public Institution “Sporto Iniciatyvos”) – project pillar and finance director, Arūnas Kontrimas – technical IT director and computer wizard and Valdas Šmaižys (Public Institution “Maratomanija”) – project coordinator and engine) teamed up and created a virtual run“ Kemdu-195 PRIEŠ Covid-19 ”.

We suggest commemorating this day with a VIRTUAL run in the symbolic 42,195 km Marathon distance, and for whom this distance is still too long, you can run half the marathon, 10 km or 5 km.

“Kemdu-195 PRIEŠ Covid-19” is just “magic of numbers”: the 42nd day of quarantine with 42 kilometers of running.

Location – Worldwide (unidentified / unlimited)

Running Date – April 26, 2020 (Sunday)


Virtual Run “Kemdu-195 PRIEŠ Covid-19” PROVISIONS



VIRTUAL symbolic run “Kemdu-195 PRIEŠ Covid-19”.
On the 42nd day of quarantine in Lithuania we meet in a distance of 42 km.


  1. To mark / commemorate the period of the Covid-19 pandemic by running – to have at least such a “bright” memory from this sad phase of Covid-19.
  2. Even to virtually popularize the marathon running culture in Lithuania.
  3. To cover the distance of the classic Marathon (42,195 km) or a shorter, individually acceptable distance according to the preparation of each.
  4. 2020 March 16th Compulsory universal quarantine due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic was introduced in Lithuania. April 26th will be the 42nd day of this quarantine – to meet / mark this day in the symbolic distance of 42 km.
  5. To record the distance covered / submitted by each runner and to place them publicly on online portals.



  1. Prepare the registration for this virtual run.
  2. Provide all conditions, recommendations and requirements for this virtual run.
  3. Record the participants’ running results and protocol them.
  4. Send or otherwise hand over the medals of the event to the participants who have ordered them.



Registration starts: 2020-04-08 18:00.

Running distances: Marathon (42,195 km), Half Marathon (21.1 km), 10 km, 5 km.

Location: not specified, selected individually.

Start date: 2020 April 26th

Start time: each participant starts the run individually, at a time convenient to them, but not earlier than 6:00 a.m. on Sunday (April 26th, 2020). runner’s country local time.

Finish: end of personal runs before 19:00. Results recording is stopped at midnight (March 27, 2020 00:00)



Track – each participant runs in a suitable place and on an acceptable surface.

The time limit does NOT APPLY for marathon and other distances.

Important: keep track of the distance you have chosen and provide proof of the run by 2020. April 27th 00:00 Lithuanian time.



  1. Kemdu-195 against Covid-19 VIRTUAL run is open to all runners (voluntarily registered and acquainted with the running regulations) (in Lithuania or abroad) who want to symbolically mark / commemorate the quarantine of 42 days in Lithuania (announced from March 16, 2020). .). All participants participate in the run voluntarily, are not forced by anyone and bear all the risks associated with participation in the run (including various health disorders, etc.).
  2. All participants must comply with the quarantine rules in force in the country where they are running (eg, do not run in Lithuania in a group of more than 2 people, i.e. running individually is recommended / encouraged, etc.).
  3. In the marathon (42,195 km) and Half Marathon (21.1 km) distances, full responsibility for participants under the age of 18 is assumed by their parents, coaches or guardians.
  4. By registering, each participant automatically agrees that the organizers of this virtual run may freely use any running information or photos you provide for marketing purposes without their express consent.
  5. To participate in the Kemdu-195 PRIEŠ Covid-19 virtual run, you need:
  • register for the selected distance;
  • independently choose a running track – any pavement you like (highway, forest tracks, fields) or running place is suitable;
  • start at a time that is right for you – it is important to be able to finish by the specified time;
  • run finish (with another symbolic number) – 7 p.m. (it is mandatory to cover the selected distance by this time, and evidence of the run must be submitted / uploaded by midnight). Races uploaded after 24:00 will no longer be counted.



  1. You can only register for this race in your own name.
  2. The organizers of this virtual run are not responsible for the health or health problems of the participants during the run. Participants must check their health and choose their distance responsibly.
  3. During the run, It is mandatory to follow all quarantine rules stated by the Lithuanian government.
  4. Submission of your personal run for “Kemdu-195 PRIEŠ Covid-19” virtual run regulation:
  • a link to STRAVA with the completed run is provided on the wall of this virtual running Facebook event or in the comments page of the registration page (for those who do not use Facebook);
  • only running outside is counted, runs on the treadmill or runs registered by hand will not be accepted;
  • the running track cannot be shorter than the registration distance of your choice (if the distance is longer, the selected distance is taken into account with all the time);
  • the selected distance must be covered in one run without stopping the clock during breaks (breaks are allowed, but the clock cannot be stopped);
  • runs for all distances except Marathon (42,195 km) can be recorded / saved and presented in a form acceptable / usable for each runner, such as a photograph of a running clock, telephone running app readings, etc. The comments include a personal photo of this run and evidence of that run.
  • The personal run of the marathon (42,195 km) distance MUST be posted on the wall of this virtual run Facebook event by placing a STRAVA link for that run (in RACE mode) in the comments, i.e. only STRAVA-approved runs submitted in Strava RACE mode will be counted / evaluated (Race mode does not eliminate pause time, even if the watch has been “paused”).
  • The results of the Marathon (42.195 km) will be included in the Marathon statistics: for this reason, this distance is required to be marked in STRAVA (Race) mode;
  • the running application is presented in the following form:


  • The marathon (42,195 km) run in non-Race mode will not be included in the overall result protocol;
  • everyone’s honesty is valued: unfair competition will not be tolerated intentionally or unintentionally – let’s not deceive others and ourselves :);
  1. There will be NO special points / meals on the track – each runner will take care of water and meals individually on their running “track”.



This run is VIRTUAL – it is not a competition, so there will be no winners.

We will all be WINNERS – each for ourselves and against the Covid-19 virus.

All runners who have opted for FREE registration will have the opportunity to see their result in the general running protocol.

All runners who have opted for PAID registration will be awarded unique single metal commemorative medals dedicated exclusively to this run.

All marathons won (42,195 km) will be uploaded to the official Marathon statistics (THANKS to our IT guru – Arūnas Kontrimas)

Intended gifts / prizes for:

  • the most picturesque track (in order to participate in the competition for this nomination, you must send at least three photos from your running track);
  • “highest” track (maximum vertical meters collected – STRAVA reference “sreen shot” (in RACE mode) is required for proof;
  • “number magic” – the most beautiful combination of numbers (in terms of distance and time, for example, 42.22 km in 4:22:22). More than one prize may be awarded in this category;
  • the “straightest” route – only in the Marathon distance;
  • the “most confusing / tangled” route;
  • the most fun / creative run described.

We are planning more and more prizes, we will try to announce them as the event approaches.



There is NO FREE registration entry fee.

PAID registration entry fee – 10 Eur.

The medals will be sent for a separate fee to Omniva or an analogous post office for an additional fee (2,69 euros in Lithuania, to foreign countries – the price depends on the state) or handed over by separate agreement.

The participant’s entry fee is transferred to the current account of VšĮ Maratomanija in SWED bank – LT39 7300 0101 5760 4275, immediately after registration for the run. It is also possible to pay REVOLUT – tel. No. +37061532233.

Indicate in the order for which runner the order is being made (if paying for another runner).

The entry fee is non-refundable.



  1. Registration is performed on the website: https://www.maratonai.lt/
  2. Only after completing the registration form properly, the participant is included in the running protocol.

Those runners who choose the PAID registration but do not transfer the entry fee by 25/04/2020 23:59 will be automatically re-registered for the FREE registration and will not be awarded medals.



The organizers of this virtual run reserve the right to change the running rules if necessary.